Geno-mandering: Epidemiologists have taken a page from politicians’ Gerrymandering

  • Gerrymandering is where politicians have the power to draw the borders around precisely those voting districts which maximize the outcome of a future election in their own favor.
  • Geno-mandering is where researchers have the power to draw the borders around precisely those geographic regions which maximize prevalence of a genotype in the favor of Big Pharma.

Previous prevalence studies funded by big pharma focused on two countries: Denmark and The Netherlands.

  • Click here: Previous research in The Netherlands concluded a founder effect an anomaly in genetics where concentrations of mutations occur.[1] The Netherlands cannot reasonably be used as a proxy for a heterogeneous population such as the USA.  
  • Click here: Denmark’s FH mutation spectrum is considered to be intermediate, somewhere between that of a region with founder effect and a melting pot such as Germany.
  • Click here: Additionally, for FDB (APOB carriers), prevalence is outsized among those in Central and Northern Europe.

Neither of these two countries can reasonably be used to extrapolate prevalence to a general population, the world, or the USA. Not for FH-as-LDLR, not for FDB-as-R3500Q/p.Arg3527Gln.

The studies in Denmark were of “whites of Danish descent.” At the end of successive research papers, a later citation of the source is regarded as the source itself and now this self-same restricted population is declared to be the “general population.” This is another example of what I call “citation kiting.”[2]  It enables a “conclusion drift.”

Same FH study but different degree of generalization

In the above, only Benn, et al, performed a prevalence study. The following Nordestgaard report conducted no prevalence study but simply cited Benn, while opting out on the word “Danish” in the title, claiming instead the “general population.”  Then Cuchel, by citing only Nordestgaard and not the actual source, can take Nordestgaard’s title of “general population” and omit mention of Benn’s original disclosure of “all whites of Danish descent.” Now as if representative of the USA, we move from a very specific slice of demographics, to something which represents all of the USA, with one and the same source population sponged out of the prevailing literature: whites of Danish descent.

[1] For more on the industry’s use of The Netherlands and founder effect, click here.

[2] See “Citation Kiting” regarding these reports on this page.