Inflating a key denominator before calculating FH prevalence

The underlying reason for calculating the fraction of the mutation spectrum is to ask, How many other APOB are there? And we don’t have a right to the question, because we already have all the APOB from the beginning. There are no others. 19 is not half of an amulet, from which we can derive another half. 19 is the whole amulet: 19 probands ÷ the proband total of 19 = 1. And so 111 APOB molecular hits in the Copenhagen sample  ÷ 1 equals 111 total APOB mutation carriers in the Copenhagen sample. FDB prevalence manipulation is extreme. With goosing, the prevalence is 1:118. Without goosing, the prevalence is 1:884. This is because there is no “proportion” of a spectrum to speak of, since the R3500Q/W make up the whole of the FDB spectrum found in the study.  Here are the calculations of APOB with and without LDLR added into the denominators.

LDLR and APOB combined
Inflated FDB APOB denominator