Copenhagen Study Population Confusion.

Mutations causative of familial hypercholesterolemia, Copenhagen General Population Study

Here is a screenshot of Table 1 in the 2nd report. 

risks of having a low-density lipoprotein receptor or apob gene mutation
Copenhagen General Population Study methods

2nd report Supplement, Table 5:  population errors and confusion.

Note that all three categories have a way of adding up to 98,000; the 1st, only when limited to the final column: its first row doesn’t add up. The 2nd is consistent in both rows and columns, totaling 98,000. The last, “Make Early Diagnosis,” adds up to 98,000 … until we get to the final column. The total is off by 4,602, yet this total was used in the 2nd report within Table 1. And not to forget, in addition to being in the title of the report, 98,098 was clearly used for the study’s “Results.”  Whatever the population total was supposed to be, the cells within this table are internally inconsistent.

Copenhagen General Population Study population errors and confusion