Conflict of interest in the 2nd report?

Nordestgaard 2016 Danish report on FH Prevalence

In the 2nd report, this is supposed to be a mention of financial interests. 

Nordestgaard conflict of interest

Just a couple months earlier, Nordestgaard had been publicly accused of being financially tainted by the industry.

“A major row has erupted over conflict of interest claims involving a study linking negative news stories about statins with an increased risk of heart attacks and death. One of the study’s two authors, Danish scientist Professor Borge Nordestgaard, has admitted receiving consultancy fees and lecture payments from a host of drug companies.”[1]

And in his rebuttal he seems to think that he does not need to disclose financial interests any longer. 

“Prof Nordestgaard refuted any suggestion of bias, and pointed out that most statins were now off-patent and made by generic medicine companies that he had “nothing to do with”. He told the Press Association: “I might as well have written that I had no conflict of interest.”[2]

And now here we are, a couple months later, with the above entry for “conflict of interest.”

[1] “UK health expert slams new statin research over author’s ‘conflict of interest’” Dec. 2, 2015.

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