Unanswered Email to Corresponding Author

breakdown of APOB and LDLR among those in the Cardiac catherization laboratory, Unanswered email to corresponding author

My next trip to Las Vegas would include a wager … a calculation based upon a reversal of the disclosed selection bias:

  • There will be very few APOB in the 6,747-cohort relative to LDLR.[1] The net result in the 43,979 will include a preponderance of APOB over LDLR and would be very conspicuous.
  • There will not be more than 1 or 2, and very probably zero p.arg3558Cys among the 6,747.  They are notably mild in vivo. And if present, that 1 or 2 would most likely be here because of other factors.

[1] This assumes the Amish were not overrepresented in this group.