The fait accompli of Information Dependence

The medical profession is a chain of linked expertise, where academic discovery – whether verification or falsification — is the uppermost link. Clinical practice hangs on the expert opinions of their tested procedures.

Chain of information dependence

The FDA had already been circumvented when it said, “No,” to Non-FH[1] by singling out FH. Pharma’s trick was to rename the disease far enough upstream such that the patients swapped in are regarded as on-label with the same downstream acceptance as a Robin accepts the Cuckoo chick to be its own. To switch metaphors, the FDA sends the drug to the clinical door with “FH” painted on it – but the patients on the other side of that door, “FH,” have already been swapped.

[1] Non-FH means uninherited high cholesterol and stands for “Nonfamilial Hypercholesterolemia.”  Click here for a treatment of the FDA rejection of Non-FH.