Goosing FH with FDB

The four most frequent mutations used in the 2nd report are broken down into the two diseases: three belong to FH and one to FDB.  Although FDB APOB and FH LDLR are distinct diseases, the proportion of the top three most frequent FH mutations was estimated after including FDB in the denominator, thus “goosing” the mathematical outcome. Below, here are calculations of LDLR with and without APOB added into the denominators – see the next page for screenshots of raw data.

LDLR with APOB added in

By adding the 19 APOB into the denominator, we inflate the outcome for LDLR. Compare that to the 4H analogy, where we add in the geese to inflate the number of mammals.

Side-by-side tables of goosed denominator and analogy

2nd report’s Supplement, Tables 2 and 3: Goosing FH LDL with FDB APOB

Screenshot Overlay: I’ve added the pointers and emphases.
Screenshots and illustration of goosed FH LDLR denominator