2009 Leren: Clinical Versus Molecular

It is very clear in 2009 that the original hope for “precision” medicine by way of genetics has arrived, but only if we stick with genetics. If we return to the old method of scoring circumstantial evidence, while the forensically decisive method of genetic matching is available, we go backwards, whether by the failure to educate the next generation of researchers or by the success of a publication strategy to obfuscate the information. It is this latter case that I am making with my current research. The key point between the scoring systems and genetic matching is the fact that “no single diagnostic criterion” will get the majority of genuine carriers and also exclude the majority of non-carriers. This is a problem for the scoring systems, and when they are employed, one accepts the abandonment of the majority of carriers. (See Fhprevalence.com.) Nonetheless, in concentrating the most serious cases, a serious attempt to exclude the FCH, T2DM, and other causes of high LDLC must be made. If not, then the other diseases will be mistaken for FH.

2009 Trond P. Leren: Clinical Versus Molecular