How Citation Kiting uses FH to misdiagnose FCH, METS, T2DM and the Obese

An evidentiary exhibit that supports my prior reports at. See

Without a knowledge of my earlier reports, the following analysis and evidence may not be immediately clear. In my prior reports, I showed how FH patients are swapped. Pharma-funded, peer reviewed medical reports have manipulated the established scientific record through an equivocation strategy which is carried forward through citation kiting. By altering the instructions for the identification of FH, new instructions swap out most of the genuine FH mutation carriers, who are difficult and expensive to find. What I present in this report is more evidence of that swap, but also, I present evidence of who is swapped in: theFCH

Main Takeaway: There is evidence that the sufferers of the disease, familial combined hyperlipidemia (FCH) are the true targets when manipulating instructions for identifying the disease, familial hypercholesterolemia (FH). This is a financial scheme and not a scientific endeavor.  The “medical reports” function as marketing brochures, redirecting doctors toward the misdiagnosis of the FCH.


Acronyms fdb fh METS T2DM familial defective apob-100 familial combined hyperlipidemia


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Outline of the description and consequences of citation kiting in FH literature.