Violence and Organ Manipulation: the future of human trafficking

UN Palermo Protocol, Human Trafficking:

  1. Real people are recruited … on a mass scale,
  2. By means of deceit, deception and fraud,
  3. For the commercial exploitation of their bodies as hosts for drugs and the commercial manipulation of their organs.

If the movie “Matrix” were brought to reality within the USA, would the scheme be prosecutable? How?

The US State Department has a checklist for Human Trafficking Two of the three criteria on this webpage are easily satisfied: recruitment and deceit.  As for the third element, the State Department does not explicitly list “organ manipulation” on this page but it does mention “involuntary servitude” and “violence.”

When one is deceived into submitting one’s body for another’s profit, why wouldn’t this be a form of “involuntary servitude”?

As for “violence,” …

  • If a stranger on the street deceived me into thinking I was in urgent need of help, plied me with whiskey till I passed out, took my arm over his knee and applied immense pressure, injuring my arm, that would undoubtedly be “violence.” He could say, “but you agreed and anyway, you didn’t feel anything, did you?” … I would counter that he deceived me first and that I would not have agreed otherwise. And my lack of feeling at the point of violence does not take away my present injury.
  • As it happened to myself as a teenager, a doctor performed roughly these same mechanical steps in order to set my broken arm, albeit with local anesthesia and not whiskey. That was undoubtedly “medical treatment.”

The difference between “violence” and “medical treatment” in the above is not just the presence of anesthesia, but the purpose and good faith of the doctor, and my parents’ informed consent.

  • If the doctor had lied to my parents, for commercial gain, that is, if in fact my arm had not been broken, then the extreme force applied, injuring my arm, anesthesia or not, would be indistinguishable from the stranger in example A above, who with equal force, and with deception, put my arm over his knee and injured me. The fact that he was officially a doctor should make no difference; otherwise there would be a license available for intentional, non-medical injury.
  • If Big Pharma cherry-picks researchers, already known to have manipulated data, and through a publication strategy deceives the downstream medical community into swapping out the real patients with the indicated disease for others who do not have this disease, then the recruited bodies of these non-indicated patients, through deceit, involuntarily serve the masters of the commercial scheme, with risk and injury to their bodies and their organs, and thus as victims of violence.

The bigger picture: Trafficking Humans

Whether by voice or by academic publication, the net result of the two crimes below is the same: real people are swapped. What law is broken here? The mechanics are the same as the crime I demonstrate in my analysis.

  • Here is the exact same crime. Only the “vehicles” are different. Unlike the case above, no video can be decisive here; nonetheless, as my analysis demonstrates, switching FH identification procedures swaps patients.
switching Familial Hypercholesterolemia procedures