One-page summary of the new prevalence of Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH)

1-chart Summary of the FH Language procedure

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We can use the 2016 Regeneron report to compare the linguistic usage of FH with the already established epidemiology (left and right columns). Then we can compare the Regeneron report with the 2018 Merck Manual update (top rows versus the very last row). The Nobel Prize winners (Goldstein and Brown) have previously counted only the LDLR gene as “FH,” and they are now Regeneron directors. Now Regeneron’s 2016 study doubles prevalence by taking advantage of a series of linguistic maneuvers that took placeover the last 8 years(the subject of my analysis).  This was done by counting the APOB and PCSK9 mutation carriers as FH. It is doubtful that these Regeneron Directors/Nobel Prize winners, whose careers were built on the discovery of the cause of FH, the LDL receptor, did not know about the 2016 Regeneron report.  Lastly, the 2018 Merck Manual update is mathematically impossible (last row).

These are Truisms:

  • A whole pie is larger than one of its slices.
  • Nobel Prize winners are Regeneron directors, and Regeneron’s 2016 “FH” when defined as LDLR + APOB + PCSK9 + R3531C is greater than Nobel Prize winners’ “FH” when defined as LDLR alone.
Illustration of the language strategy to increase FH prevalence
Illustration of the language strategy to increase FH prevalence